Ashland Water Board Employees

City Utilities Information

  • Water Works and Sewer Board: 256-354-4036
    The Water Department, located next door to the new Ashland Post Office, is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. A convenient drive thru window is available for water bill payment.

  • East Central Alabama Gas District: 256-354-2194
    East Central Alabama Gas is located at 40717 Hwy 77. After Hour Emergencies call: 334-608-0442.

    Get more info: East Central Alabama Gas District

  • A-G-L Solid Waste Disposal: 256-354-5803
    Get more info: A-G-L Solid Waste Disposal

  • Alabama Power: 800-254-2244
    Located at 85571 Hwy 9 Ashland. Call 800-888-2726 to report a power outage.

    Get more info: Ala Power Appliance Center

  • CenturyTel: 800-201-4099
    Get more info: Century Link for Alabama Residents